sugarcoated arsenic card jpeg

Kevin Everson and Claudrena Harold will be screening their short film, “Sugarcoated Arsenic” in the South Lawn Auditorium (Nau Hall 101) on March 7th at 5:30 p.m. .  “Sugarcoated Arsenic” is a cinematic exploration of African American intellectual, social, and political life at the University of Virginia during the 1970s.   Starring Erin Stewart as Vivian Verdell Gordon (the director of UVA’s Black Studies program between 1975 and 1980), the film tells the story of African American students and faculty who through their public and private gestures created a vibrant community built on intellectual exchange, self-critique, and human warmth.  

This film is part of the multimedia project, “Black Fire,” which was generously funded by the Arts in Action Grant.