Sugarcoated Arsenic Screening at National Gallery of Art, January 14th

sugarcoated arsenic card jpeg

Sugarcoated Arsenic will screen at the National Gallery of Art on January  14th as part of the film program,  “Affinities, or The Weight of Cinema,” which is curated by Greg de Cuir and Kevin Jerome Everson (

We Demand, a film centered on the activism of James Roebuck , an alumnus of Virginia Union University and the University of Virginia, screened at the National Gallery on January 7.

Sugarcoated Arsenic is a 16mm cinematic exploration of African American intellectual, social, and political life at the University of Virginia during the 1970s. Conceived and written by Claudrena Harold and directed by Harold and UVA Professor of Art, filmmaker/artist Kevin Jerome Everson, the film stars Erin Stewart (the bank teller/race driver in Everson’s 2006 feature film “Cinnamon”) as Vivian Gordon (the director of UVA’s Black Studies program between 1975 and 1980). The film tells the story of African-American women and men who through their public and private gestures sought to create a beloved community that thrived on intellectual exchange, self-critique, and human warmth.
—Trilobite-Arts-DAC, Claudrena Harold, Picture Palace Pictures

Happy Kwanzaa: Spotlight on HABARI GANI

If you are familiar with the history of the Black Student Alliance at the University of Virginia, then you are well aware of its past efforts to both engage and observe the principles of Kwanzaa/Kawaida theory. BSA, particularly in the 1980s, viewed itself as a preserver and keeper of our best traditions. Today I want to spotlight one of its independent publications, Habari Gani, which was produced in the 1980s.  It remains a valuable historical resource.  This is the 1986 issue.