Next Week in Vienna, Black Bus Stop in competition at 16th International Festival For Short Film, Animation, & Music Video. The film is part of the program, Come Away with Me.”

, Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus 




Black Bus Stop is also in competition at Hamburg International Short Film Festival. Time and Venue: Donnerstag 06. Juni 2019     19:00     Zeise 1; Samstag 08. Juni 2019     19:45     B-Movie

Shot in the spring of 2018 and involving approximately 40 students, Black Bus Stop pays tribute to the Black Bus Stop, an informal yet iconic gathering spot for black students on the campus of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville in the eighties and nineties. Young people could be found there listening to music, talking politics, dancing, flirting. Today, under the glare of the moonlight, black fraternity and sorority members reclaim these hallowed grounds as they chant and sway to the rhythms and memories of the past.